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Project Flame [demo2] Project Flame [demo2]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Can't wait to test out the Beta and give my 2cents

Great job Saint Max and Ehab Subahi with the art design, I haven't seen creativity of this level on newgrounds or anywhere less, the color scheme reminded me of games I played in the 1990 era (alot of old timers miss those). Ammar great mechanics/gameplay, this is a basic yet interesting story that had me wondering what was going to happen next ! I enjoy the monsters and critters you encounter, I'm sure their will be mini bosses in the upcoming installment. Salute's to Box Killa and Oney, the music was just icing on the hash brownies, the music really synced with the games atmosphere, I myself do keyboarding/Midi for myself and for friends that do the music gig (Akai Mpk49-Reason4-ProTools,etc.)

I believe theirs alot of work to be done because this game's story could really go anywhere depending on how deep the developers want to venture. I would say having the game underground throughout the whole game would be a mistake, because we don't know whats above or what species or what year or really anything that would stop us from moving onward. I belive now days you have to be able to customize your weapons, gear, or you don't get that 'heroic' feeling that many experience in example WoW. Customization is a huge thing for games, but it's only a idea. The game reminds me of a cross between Resident Evil / Prince of Persia because of the obstacles you must untangle, as well as for say Mega Man because of the shapes and background. Also another thing I want to bring up is the song list, I think the whole time I played the demo, only one rift was playing, which is accectable in a short demo, but I would think the brains behind this would introduce even more deep thrillin sound tracks, so no major concern. Honestly this is a game I could see being played on a handheld or even maybe a console just because of the gamestyle. I think the only concern playing this was the layout, and I've seen others comment about it, well you can customize it but still I think their should be a easier layout, no need for spread out buttons on a keyboard ( 1, E, A, Left-Right Arrow, Mouse (lol). Other then that can't wait to play the game or Beta - I was ready today to put off an exam in order to continue playing this lol. I thought this game was worthy of a review so I created a account and this is my first review - so thank you for taking my review virginity away XD lol.

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Snakex86 responds:

hmmm ... there will be a part of the game where you get outside ... that's all I can say now (spoilers) ;)
we have a solid story, but we're planning how to represent it inside the game, which is the harder part!
and yeah, we'll add customizing to the weapon, where you increase range, damage, speed, overheat time.
and wow you did an account just to write a review!! thanks dude and sorry for taking you review virginity :p
thank you for your awesome review, and have a nice day ;)